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Is the Customer Experience good enough?



For the past three days, Leasing World has been attending the “Channels and Customer Experience” conference run by the European Financial Management and Marketing Association ("EFMA"). We’re here to listen out for pointers for our industry.

As you would doubtless expect, there’s been a great focus on the role technology does and will pay in the customer experience. Less predictably, the speakers here, from global banks and financial institutions as well as software companies, have often referred to the human element - emotions, ethics, and the hard architecture of the branch. 

We’ve had BNP Paribas talking about artificial intelligence, and a number of companies acknowledging the limitations of chatbots. But in speeches that could have been given a hundred years ago, we’ve had banks making excited claims about the success of their branch refurbishments.

The broad impression Leasing World has been left with is that technology is only the answer to a better customer experience if the customer doesn’t spot that it’s there. It’s going to need to blend in to the client’s life. 

That’s just an extreme simplification of one aspect of three days of fast-paced and interesting seminars. We’ll be going into much more detail in our publications over the coming weeks, and hopefully we’ll be, with our readers, extending the debate about how we take the next big steps forward in improving the customer experience.

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