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New face at BrokerWorld



Robin Skuse - BrokerWorldRobin Skuse has joined BrokerWorld as Associate Editor. He was previously at the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers for six years, as Marketing and Press Officer, starting with the trade association when it was still in its original offices in Exeter. From there he saw his role grow to encompass press, marketing, writing, magazine and newsletter production, advertising, and creating graphics. Robin has a degree from Leeds University, and started his career in the investment division of Zurich International. 

BrokerWorld’s publisher, Jan Szmigin, said, “Robin has a bright, energetic personality and a can-do attitude, which is just what our publications Leasing World and BrokerWorld need to keep them at the forefront of informed asset finance publishing. I look forward to seeing our business grow, developing some of our many ideas for the benefit of our readers and our supporters.” 

 Robin said, “I’m really looking forward to working with BrokerWorld, it’s highly respected in the asset finance industry and broker community, and that is the industry I’m committed to.”

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