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Download BrokerWorld January magazine



The January 2017 free BrokerWorld APP is ready to download and read on your mobile phone or iPad - you'll find the APP on iTunes and Google Play.

This month's edition has news of several acquisitions, promotions, and profiles Syscap and Wesleyan Bank.

As well as having live links to all the website addresses and email addresses in the magazine, including adverts, the BrokerWorld APP also has a live telephone link feature as well. This means that if you are on your mobile device, clicking on any telephone number in an advertisement will bring up the message "Do you want to Call this Number?" and clicking OK immediately dials the number for you.

If you're not yet using the BrokerWorld APP then go to the BrokerWorld APP on iTunes or Google Play, to download and install it, it is completely free. Alternatively these are the links: For iPhones and iPads ; For Android.

The APP editions are complimentary so ignore any requests for passwords or suchlike, just download the relevant edition you'd like to read, and enjoy!

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