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The LeaseTeam Aspire system for brokers



Since 1989, LeaseTeam has provided software solutions and services to equipment finance companies throughout the US and Canada, and began doing business in the UK in 2014. During this time, we have built an incredibly diverse install base that represents a wide array of portfolio and ticket sizes, business types, and financial products from more than 240 companies within the equipment finance industry. When it’s all said and done, our customers make up more than 30 percent of The 2015 Monitor 100, a total-dimension ranking of the largest equipment finance and leasing companies in the US.

We attribute these successes to not only implementing the best technologies from some of the brightest minds in the equipment leasing and financing industry, but also our customer-centric approach to fostering meaningful relationships. After all, we know it’s these partnerships that enable our users to focus on growing their business, while we focus on providing the technology to make it happen.
Our products are built on a flexible architecture that adapts to the varying needs of our clients and empowers them to configure their systems to a personalised set of criteria. These products are designed with a workflow orientation that focuses on standard business processes, integrating the data required by the process and striving to eliminate duplication. So whether you’re a small-ticket lessor, captive or large commercial bank, our technologies provide you with a platform for success—both now and in the future.

ASPIRE™, our end-to-end transaction lifecycle management solution, gives your company the ability to stop trying to mesh a separate front-end and back-end into one clunky system and start realising the benefits of a total transaction engagement lifecycle. ASPIRE’s flexible nature gives you the freedom to customise your system to meet the needs of your business today, tomorrow and forever.
We believe our continued innovation in the marketplace stems from our employees’ passion for technology, combined with their industry knowhow. We also know that, throughout LeaseTeam’s history, it has been our customers’ growth and successes that have enabled us to continue to thrive at what we do best, so you can thrive at what you do best.

We are pleased to continue to grow our business in the UK, and look forward to learning more about your business and how we may help you achieve your goals.

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